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Does Digitel Systems replace my phone system?

There are two answers to that question. Yes and no. Digitel Systems can completely replace your current phone system and provider. Or we can work with your existing system and provider. You can use a basic phone—either analog or wireless—to receive calls. However, with a basic handset, you will receive only the types of features you would get with a complex (and expensive) in-house PBX system.

Are you a completely mobile business? If so, we can provide an auto attendant that will give you a "big business" presence and powerful mobility capabilities, all at an affordable price.

How do I know if Digitel Systems is a good fit for my business?

Digital Phone Service is useful to any size business, but it’s particularly valuable to small companies that do not have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in receptionists, information or telecommunication systems, and dedicated technology staffs.

How does Digitel Systems compare with residential digital service?

Most residential digital services are designed to minimize bandwidth requirements and cost—usually at the expense of voice quality and reliability. This is fine for home use and even, in some cases, for home-based businesses. But a larger business will need the more robust capabilities that Digitel Systems's Business service provides.

Digitel Systems also provides the professional support and service that a business needs. A Digitel Systems phone specialist will guide you through the start-up process. We even feature on-staff voice recording talent to customize your auto attendant for your business!

Do you get stage fright when recording your voice mail greeting? Our on-staff voice talent can record your auto attendant for you.

What is Digitel Systems Business Phone Service?

Our service, delivered via the Internet, makes traditional phone systems and service obsolete. With Digitel Systems's service, any business with a quality broadband connection can enjoy a robust voice solution and make local and unlimited long-distance calls anywhere in the United States. Our service lets you:

  • Establish a professional image and leverage 70+ features to power your business communications.
  • Avoid a costly, on-premise phone system.
  • Do away with phone system installation and maintenance charges.
  • Reduce your monthly phone bills. Significantly.

What kind of quality can I expect using Digitel?

Not to brag, but you can expect superb sound quality—and excellent reliability. Equal to...or better than...old-fashioned phone service, in fact! Our certified and tested hardware comes with the latest High-Definition (HD) voice technology for unparalleled clarity. In an independent survey by Savatar, 83 percent of companies reported better quality of service and reliability with our type of solutions.

Not sure what your bandwidth needs are? A Digitel Systems phone specialist can review your current setup and assess your needs. How much bandwidth you need generally depends on the number of concurrent calls your employees make and the types of data services they use.

What makes Digitel Systems different from other providers?

For starters, we focus on how companies do business today—not how things were 15 years ago. We understand that your phone system should be a value-added resource, not a constraint. Modern companies demand flexible solutions to accommodate owners and employees who are on the go and always on.

At Digitel Systems, we take you beyond mere phone calling. We give you tools that allow you to manage and take control of your communications—and let you manage those tools through an easy-to-use and intuitive web portal. And when you need support, we're there for you. Our US-based, in-house client support center is there to help you every step of the way.

Who is Digitel Systems?

We're the leading provider of business-class phone service, answering the communication and collaboration needs of small business and mobile workers nationwide who seek a robust and easy-to-use solution. Our solution is extensible by design and easily integrated into the workflow of today's entrepreneurs and increasingly mobile workforce. Unlike traditional telephony that is tied to a physical location, Digitel Systems's service is delivered from the cloud and its features can be accessed-anywhere, anytime- through the Internet, traditional wire-line or mobile networks.