Making the Switch

Is Digital Phone Service Right For My Company?


Do any of the following statements apply to your business? If so, switching to Digitel Systems may be a smart choice.

  • My company has a high speed internet connection and would like to lower phone bills.
  • We make expensive long distance phone or international calls and want to minimize costs.
  • I need flexibility to grow or reduce users without incurring significant cost.
  • I want flexibility to move my phone service, while keeping my phone number, without additional fees.
  • I like the convenience of taking my phone number with me as I travel.
  • I like my sales and/or field service reps to use a business phone number instead of their own mobile number.
  • I like to have the same call management features while on the run (using my mobile) as I do in the office.
  • My business needs basic phone service features such as extension dialing, choice of area code, voicemail, caller ID and more.
  • I would like to have a call history of inbound and outbound calls.
  • My business needs the power of big company call management features without the high cost of their phone systems such as conference calling, call recording, and voicemail to email notifications.
  • My business needs an auto attendant/IVR system to answer and route calls.
  • We don't have an IT person to manage an intricate phone system.